The 2012 Roadmap to State Highway Safety Laws

The 2012 Roadmap to State Highway Safety Laws

January 2012


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This report highlights gaps in Advocates' list of 15 essential and lifesaving highway safety laws and is a call to action for Governors and state legislators. In 2010, motor vehicle crashes caused almost 33,000 deaths and 2.2 million injuries and cost the nation over $230 billion. Passage of the 15 laws identified in Advocates' report will help prevent these tragedies and, at the same time, will save the states billions of dollars in economic costs associated with highway crashes.
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for all Americans ages five to 34, killing 90 people every day. By any definition, this is truly a public health epidemic. If each highway safety law is considered a vaccine to inoculate our children, our friends, and our communities against a leading cause of death, every law listed in our Roadmap report should be at the top of each state's legislative agenda in 2012.



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Advocates' Key Highway Safety Laws Passed in 2011*
Occupant Protection
Seat Belts
: One state adopted a primary enforcement seat belt law in 2011 (RI). 18 states still need this lifesaving law.
Booster Seats: Two states adopted booster seat laws (CA and GA). Out of 45 states and the District of Columbia (DC) with booster seat laws, only 29 states and DC have the recommended optimal booster seat law.
*Motorcycle Helmets: Currently, 30 states do not require all-rider helmet law protection. In most of the 20 states and DC with the optimal law, anti-helmet groups battle each year to repeal the all-rider helmet requirement. There were 13 unsuccessful repeal attempts in 2011. No state adopted an all-rider motorcycle helmet law in 2011.
Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) 
Four states passed teen driving laws (NC, ND, NM, and PA). No state has all of Advocates’ recommended GDL laws.
Impaired Driving 
Two states passed impaired driving laws (CT and KS).  45 states and DC are missing one or more critical impaired driving laws.
Distracted Driving - All-Driver Text Messaging Restriction
Six states adopted all-driver text messaging restrictions (IN, ME, ND, NV, and PA) and one upgraded to primary enforcement (NY).  18 states still need an all-driver text messaging restriction.



Please Read the Full Report to Find Out More About:
        Advocates' Grading Criteria
        Complete State Listing of Existing Highway Safety Laws
        Definitions of the 15 Lifesaving Laws
        In-Depth State-by-State Highway Safety Information



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