FMCSA Getting Closer to Decision on Crash Accountability
The tragic epidemic of distracted driving
U.S. road deaths fall 4.4% in early 2013
Interlocks may force drivers to buckle up
NHTSA extends connected vehicle tests by 6 months
Teens fear texting, drunk drivers most when behind the wheel: study
Hersman Re-Nominated by Obama to Chair NTSB
Critics say higher speed limits sacrificing safety
Inside The Mind Of Teenage Drivers
Victims speak out about the dangers of distracted driving
ADHD + Texting = Double Trouble for Teen Drivers, Study Finds
Crash tests show what happens when young drivers make a common error
Concerned about longer, heavier trucks, commissioner asks congressional delegation to study issue
AAA Mid-Atlantic: August deadliest driving month
Transportation dept. aims to reduce pedestrian fatalities
Have All States Banned Texting While Driving?
Agency issues fresh guidance on driver breaks, hours-of-service
States Resist NTSB Pressure to Lower Blood Alcohol Limit
5 new safety, fuel-saving features for your next car as technology rapidly changes
NHTSA chief: No deadline to finalize car backup cameras
Chrysler, profits over people's lives
AAA ranks deadliest dates for teen drivers
A new test may save you from a vehicle rollover injury
SUV passengers more likely to survive crashes
NHTSA: U.S. Highway Fatalities Rose In 2012
Americans, especially young, continue to drive less, report says
Study reveals which car crash avoidance technology can be a proven lifesaver
NHTSA favors disabling texting, Web browsing
Advocates, parents decry delay in car rear camera rule
Court Rules Against NTEA’s Work Truck Certification Challenge
Cars not a driving force for teens
Safety group says new crash tests point to underride hazards
Highway Deaths Rise May Highlight Need for Newer Cars, Safer Technology
House to consider restricting cell phone use for some teen drivers
AAA: Strengthen graduated driver’s licensing programs
Top 5 Mistakes New Teen Drivers Make
Alcohol detecting technology could save 10,000 a year from drunk-driving death: scientists
Seat belts being phased in on large tour buses
Vega recalls 30,000-plus motorcycle helmets
NTSB Calls For Stricter Laws Amid New Report Showing Link Between Drunk Driving & Wrong-Way Crashes
Interlocks Proposed in U.S. for First-Time Drunk Drivers
Stability control saving lives, NHTSA study finds Agency says the feature prevented an estimated 2,000-plus deaths between 2008 and 2010.
Teen Drivers Texting Much More Than Parents Think: Study
Drowsy driving poses risks, especially for younger drivers
Cell Phone App Designed to Help Teen Drivers, Inform Parents
Advocates say bus underride guards could save lives
NTSB reschedules meeting for Nev. fatal Amtrak-truck crash ruling after Hurricane Sandy delay
Study: Risky behaviors by teen drivers increase with more passengers in car
NHTSA warns car owners of 'extreme safety risk' of phony air bags
Texting; a tempting, deadly distraction
Traffic deaths jump after six-year decline
NHTSA: More Than 3K People Killed in Distracted Driving Crashes
Parents making mistakes with car seats, boosters, survey say
70 mph limit blamed in increase of Iowa highway deaths
Seat belt violations on the rise
10 tips for teen drivers and their parents
"Designated Texter" Push Gains Momentum
FMCSA Addresses High-Risk Truck, Bus Companies in CSA
CDC study: Motorcycle helmet laws save billions in health care costs
Feds, Univ. of Michigan hope to make roads safer with cars that can talk to each other
Pedestrian deaths are on the rise again. But why?
U.S. children at risk from poor adherence to car seat guidelines, study warns
New Law Would Forbid Rental Car Companies From Renting Recalled Cars
Megabus crash in Illinois; 1 dead, 3 dozen hurt
Highway Safety for Older Adults
Helmets cut motorcycle deaths 37 percent
Deaths of children from hot cars more common than many think, experts say
Father who lost son in bus crash is pleased with new law that requires seat belts on buses
4th of July is the Deadliest Day for Teen Drivers
Allstate Posts IIHS Study Results on Teen Driving
IIHS Says Truck Safety Standards Need Updating
July is a Dangerous Month for Drivers
Brad Brown, co-founder of the West Brook Bus Crash Families group and advocate for motorcoach safety legislation, published in the Washington Post
New York Bus Crash Findings Show Breadth of Holes in Safety Net
Teen driver legislation advances
Florida lawmakers dragging their feet on regulations that could save lives and costs
WHO launches campaign to cut traffic fatalities
Motorcycle helmets reduce spine injuries after collisions
Drunken-driving reforms: Still stuck in neutral
Study: Roads are safer in urban areas
Pa. surrounded by bans on texting, talking while driving
Budget Boost for Car Safety Agency Stalls
A Push for Motorbike Helmets
Should cars warn when there's a child inside on hot days?
Drivers let guard down on riskier rural highways
More Solid Evidence for Passage of the Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection Act
A Tougher Car Safety Agency
New York Requires Alcohol Interlocks for First-Time Drunken Drivers
30-Year Debate on Motorcycle Helmet Laws Rolls On
Campaign pushes to raise minimum driving age to 16
O'Malley signs cell phone ban
Massachusetts should ban all cellphone use while driving
The No Phone Zone gains with Oprah's support
Founder of Kids and Cars saves young lives one law at a time
Pickup drivers must buckle up
Banning Texting in Truck Raises Other Questions
Study finds cell phones dangerous for drivers
Worst States For Distracted Drivers
OUR OPINION: Tighten the rules on teen drivers
Strap them in
Witnesses testify at Md. hearings for breathalyzer devices
Our view on auto safety: Why did NHTSA fail to nail Toyota’s problems?
Helmets still rule the road
Government Bans Texting By Truck and Bus Drivers
Governor Pawlenty proposes tougher DWI enforcement
More teens are choosing to wait to get driver's licenses
Study: Rise in fatalities follows repeal of helmet law
Ohio gets red light from traffic-safety advocates
Pennsylvania ranks low in driving safety report
Group ranks state high on traffic safety
Report: States behind on traffic safety laws
States Slip In Highway Safety Ratings
Ohio Receives Poor Highway Safety Rating
Pennsylvania misses the mark on driving safety, report says
Are California's traffic safety laws tough enough?
28 percent of accidents involve talking, texting on cellphones
Bills to Curb Distracted Driving Gain Momentum
Governor Bans Texting While Driving in State Vehicles
Fatalities on the rise
Turn Car On; Turn Phone Off
Promoting the Car Phone, Despite Risks
When Texting Kills, Britain Offers Path to Prison
NY texting while driving ban starts Sunday
A close call for girls driving with cell phone
Study reaffirms benefit of car booster seats
Txt u l8r; time 2 drive
Transportation Secretary Seeks Roadmap to Remedy Distracted Driving
US auto safety group wants to curb gadget use by truckers
Truckers Insist on Keeping Computers in the Cab
Feds weigh cell phone ban for bus, truck drivers
Driving While Texting: Is It the New DWI?
Drunken Driving Laws Submitted: 09/13/2009
Maine outlaws ‘distracted’ driving
Ford Backs Ban on Text Messaging by Drivers
3 counties might get drunken driving pilot plan
Driver Texting Now an Issue in the Back Seat
A move is underway to impose national standards on teen drivers
Cops, lawmakers send message: Dnt txt & drive
Survey: Consumers Would Support TWD Ban
Utah Gets Tough With Texting Drivers
Seat belts save lives
Investigation finds Enterprise Rent-A-Car sold Chevy Impalas without standard side air bags
A dangerous distraction: Wisconsin should outlaw texting while driving
County lawmakers draft anti-texting bill
Harley-Davidson dealer dies in fatal crash
Texting ban backseated as secondary law
Senate Introduces Bill to Ban Texting While Driving
Texting and Driving Don't Mix
Face facts on driving and cell phones
Hands-free cell phones still risky
The Truth About Cars and Cellphones
Whirling Dervish Drivers
U.S. Withheld Data on Risks of Distracted Driving
Should Cellphone Use by Drivers Be Illegal?
Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks
State driving bill targets texting, teen motorists
State Senate votes to toughen teen driving laws
Gillan: Time for Enhanced Safety Measures
Government Confirms Significant Drop in Car Accidents in 2008
Gov. Nixon vetoes bill to repeal Missouri helmet law
Traffic fatalities lowest since ‘61
Faulty Highway Conditions Contribute to Half of Fatal Auto Accidents
Governor should veto Legislature's helmet law
Tougher driving rules for teens may crash in Senate
Highway shoulders shaggy as states cut back mowing
Albany - New York Teen Drivers to Face New, Tough Limits
Supporters Rally in D.C. For Teen Driving Measure
Seat Belt Laws: Still Hazy After All These Years
U.S. Sets New Crush-Resistance Standards for Car Roofs
Transportation Secretary Orders Review of Bus Safety
Back-Seat Driver: New push to restrict teen drivers
State likely to toughen restrictions on teen drivers
As Bus Travel Grows, Probe of Fatal 2008 Crash Revives Push For New Safety Rules
Obama chooses MADD chief to lead safety panel
Wyoming traffic deaths decline despite '08 bump
US highway deaths at lowest levels since 1961
2 years after Bluffton University bus crash, efforts to make motorcoaches safer move slowly
Democrats Likely to Run Cross-Border Trucking Project Off the Road
Article on the 2009 Roadmap Report to State Highway Safety Laws
Ark. Legislature approves primary seat-belt law
Wait for license saving lives?
Ill. of State Jesse White Touts Success of State's Stronger Teen Driver Laws
Delaying school start times can save lives
Maryland, D.C. Get Green Lights for Auto Safety
Highway Safety Advocates Call For Improvement In State Statutes
Report: Kansas, Missouri lack some model traffic safety laws
Florida Lags In Highway Safety, Group Says
Strengthen Louisiana's traffic laws
Green light for North Carolina's highway safety laws
It no longer feels safe on a charter bus
Deadly Tolls: Sick truckers causing fatal wrecks
Medically Unfit Truck, Bus Drivers Still on U.S. Roads, Study Finds
Speier seeks national speed limit to save gas
Poor signage cited in fatal Bluffton bus crash

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